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Help-Desk Support

IT support equipment, printers, scanners, servers, from regular help to dealing with complex undertakings, there are a lot of IT products and services that are important for each office. We offer help desk IT services which help with the establishment, set up, support and repair of this machinery and equipment. We use remote support which allows our IT specialists to offer support services from a different location, sometimes controlling a device to assist with troubleshooting issues via the internet. Support can be used for IT assistance, software repair, or other needs Service users are typically provided with a help desk or ticketing system as a first point of contact for Software and Hardware IT Support issues.

The help desk or ticketing system may be accessed by telephone, or via online services such as email or live chat. The aim is to gather all important information relating to the software or hardware issue and to alert the relevant support staff.

Once the ticket has been raised, the service user can expect to be given access to an online tracking system that will advise on the current status of the fix. The vendor will collate the information raised in support tickets in order to identify trends so as to provide faster future access to a resolution (resolutions may include self-service instructions, remote access solutions, or on-site engineer support). .

Network Support

The need for support in the underlying arrangement of network. For this situation, it is our task, as an IT services provider, to set up the network in the most clear and sensible manner to make the ongoing maintenance of the network simpler for the business. Regardless of whether the customer doesn’t wish to sign an agreement for ongoing services it is a smart thought to plan a 6-month check-up to evaluate whether their network is properly functioning.

Cloud Computing Support

Cloud services are picking up popularity among organizations and businesses at a quick rate. Cloud services are budget-friendly and economical, yet are extraordinary as far as performance and productivity. By means of cloud services, organizations have access to all they require on the go. In addition, the security protocols and access control strategies executed through cloud services are significantly in a way that is better than physical storage locations. From setting up remote, cloud-based storage spaces to server management, cloud services can envelop an array of services. There is a gigantic demand for cloud services on the lookout. Thusly, it is easy to accept that when you jump into the universe of cloud computing, we are here to offer support!!!

Software and Hardware Support

is an outsourced multi-layered IT maintenance solution that incorporates elements of remote and on-site managed I.T Support. The recommended extent and type of Software and Hardware IT Support will vary depending on the IT requirements of the service user.

What is Included in Software Support?

The recommended extent and type of Software and Hardware IT Support will vary depending on the IT requirements of the service user. The vendor will work with the service user in developing a better understanding of the exact type of software support required in order to provide a tailored package of cost effective resources to our clients.

Types of software support that may be included:

Systems Software - Systems software broadly refers to an Operating System (OS) such as Windows or Mac OS. The OS is dedicated to the operation and control of all system applications (e.g. software suites). Systems software could also include firmware, which is dedicated to the functionality of a particular piece of hardware (e.g. this could include a CD drive or a modem).

Applications Software - Application software is also known as an end-user program or productivity program. This includes any type of software designed to function as a singular computer program. Examples of application software may include an off-the-shelf word processor, a web browser, email, design or graphics suite, or a firewall.

What is Included in Hardware Support?

Hardware support includes both proactive and reactive maintenance measures relating to all physical IT components that collectively make up an individual workstation or IT network infrastructure. Depending on a company’s size and relative IT requirements, hardware support may incorporate varying levels of planned or ‘break-fix’ IT support.

Server Support - All workstations (and all devices in a Bring Your Own Device partitioned network) must be connected to a central server in order to store and access shared files/programs. This critical reliance on access to a fully functional server means that server support is one of the main features of outsourced professional hardware support.

Other types of hardware support that may be covered by a complete package of our Software and Hardware IT Support may include:

-Graphics/Sound Card

-Motherboard & Power Supply

-Central Processing Unit (CPU)

-Random Access Memory (RAM) Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers/Printer

-Hard Drive (HHD) & Solid State Drive (SSD)

Software Development

By applying decades of in-field experience, our team strives to help emerging startups and established businesses transform into promising digital organizations and thrive in the technologically advanced world.
- Darrell Nkone Phosa


Product development

Product Development

Xfinity Global is willing to assist you with requirements analysis, system architecture, UI/UX solutions, custom software development, software testing, bug fixing, deployment, maintenance, system administration, and support. In other words, Xfinity Global is your one-stop shop for software development services.


Saas Development

Free yourself from complex software management with business-efficient SaaS solutions. Our team of certified IT experts has been providing SaaS services since 2007. We bring together our expertise and innovative trends to build scalable, easily maintainable, and secure software solutions.

UIUX Design

UI/UX (Website)Design

Enhance your user experience with sleek, intuitive interfaces that entice consumers at first glance. We create professional UI/UX design solutions for mobile, web, and desktop apps. Boost your customer satisfaction rate with visually appealing designs developed with usability issues in mind.


web applications

Web Applications

With over 15 years of experience in web app development, Xfinity Global has gained expertise in providing custom web solutions for B2B and B2C clients. Whether you work in fashion, mass media, or construction, we can build a web app specifically tailored to your industry. Accelerate your business growth with modern software solutions that bring tangible results..


Mobile Applications

We turn brilliant ideas into successful projects. Our team of highly skilled IT experts will help you build a fast, UI-friendly mobile app that users love. As a software development company, we can assist you at each stage of software development, from idea conception to market launch. Create an award-winning app together with Xfinity Global.


Desktop Applications

Whether you need a native app or a cross-platform solution, we’ve got you covered. Xfinity Global developers build fully functional software products for Windows, macOS, and Linux, choosing the tech stack that matches your project requirements. Invest in premium quality software to gain a long-term competitive advantage.



Enterprise Software

Streamline your business processes, optimize data management, and improve customer relations across all departments of your enterprise with smart software solutions. We will help you increase operational efficiency, automate routine tasks, and take better care of your consumer. Our team of tech experts and business analysts will show you how to simplify complicated processes and use technology to your advantage.


ML,AI ad Data Science

Xfinity Global is one technology partner for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. Our data science experts will help you build AI-powered applications that inspire change and take your business to the next level.


Legacy Support & Upgrade

We understand that your legacy products must seamlessly integrate with emerging ones while retaining the data and processes they were originally designed to capture and support. Xfinity Global will help you upgrade your system with minimal, if any, disruptions to your business.

Give your business a proper IT boost!

Code Review

Eliminate security bugs, architectural errors, and business logic flaws in your code with the Xfinity Global team of seasoned software developers. We will conduct a thorough code review to make your code maintainable, reusable, efficient, and secure.

Functional Specification

Our tech-savvy business analysts and highly experienced developers will help you create accurate and comprehensible requirements specifications. Document essential product features, operating environment, design details, implementation constraints, or any other critical system functions with our professional technical writing services.

Development Process Audit

We will use our extensive knowledge base and hands-on experience in providing IT services to perform a professional audit of your software development process. Our tech experts will help you increase productivity and get faster results by eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies at each stage of software development.

Support & Maintenance

Hire a dedicated team of software engineers or QA specialists who will take care of technical support, bug fixing, and code maintenance while you work on enhancing your core business. We provide on-demand and long-term technical assistance in real time.

Quality Assurance

Along with custom software development, Xfinity Global also provides manual and automated software testing to ensure the premium quality of your product. Our QA engineers will make your software crash-proof, rock-secure, and user-friendly.

Dedicated Teams

Whether you need a software architect, UI/UX designer, or QA engineer to complement your team, we will handpick a tech expert whose skill set matches the complexity of your project. We take time to study your requirements specification to help you achieve your end goals.


Our Software Development Process

We have a foolproof Agile software development process that has been continuously improving over the years. This process guarantees quality and timely results for our clients.


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